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President's Message

I am humbled, honored and  privileged to assume the role of President of the Vermont Professional Photographers. I am deeply grateful to my predecessors, for their leadership and outstanding contributions to VPP and the members of the board that have been part of the organization in years past.  I am continuously inspired by the  commitment to VPP and it's members.  We have a rich history of members and mentors, they and many others having spent many years at our side sharing their experience and education have left VPP with a guided path for us to grow on.  I am thankful for having the honor of walking this path,  and as we continue to welcome new members to our organization, I am very excited to work beside them, learn from them and gain new friendships.  Each member has something very special to share, and I urge you to reach out and become a mentor to someone new, or just spend time with someone and embrace what you can learn from one another.

With the support, and the energy, spirit and dedication of the 2020 VPP board, I look forward to continuing this important work towards fulfilling the mission of  VPP.  Our goal to allow this organization to grow with the modern times, invite the surrounding communities to share with us , offer and utilize the amazing talent that we are surrounded by to help us grow our personal and professional skills and ethical business practices.  Education is ever changing, I don't believe you ever get to a point in your life or in your career where you have mastered knowing it all, we will strive for inovative, fresh and exciting learning and personal opportunities.  As your president, I will be counting on your feedback, your suggestions and your involvement to carry on the continued success of our Organization. 

I wish you all a spectacular and prosperous year 

Your President, 

Natascha Dacres 

Vermont Professional Photographers


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