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Photographers all abilities welcome!

Past Workshops & Events


3/6/2022 - Monica Sigmon : The Artist Project

3/6/2022 - Leslie Andrews: How to start and grow your Photography business

3/5/2022 - Colby McLemore: How to create a love affair with your Blog

3/5/2022- Mark Mann: What makes a portrait a portrait ? 

02/13/2022- Heather and Brian Watt: Sparking your Creativity. 

01/25/2022- Brian Sullivan: The Marketing Riddle

11/7/2021- Karen McCall & Abby Sullivan : Introduction to Photoshop painting

9/28/2021- Gena Tussey: Stop Adulting and start playing...get off your butt. 

05/16/2021- Chris Paulis: Introduction to photoshop restoration 


02/16/2021- Jamie Proctor-Brassard: The Power of a Personal Project 

02/02/2021- Heather Watt: How classical art translates into modern photography

01/19/2021 - Creative Flight: Social media strategy ( Part 2) 

01/05/2021- Creative Flight: Social media strategy ( Part 1)

12/15/2020 - Chris Richmonds: The Power of a personal Project Photography

12/01/2020 - Chris Knight: IPS Via Zoom 

11/17/2020 - Douglas Wheitenhiller: Photographing families with teens

10/20/2020-  Robert Nickelsberg: Travels to Khan Phu 

10/06/2020- Michael Schwartz: Travel Photography


9/17/2017 – Woody Walters, Digital Photo Candy

5/21/17- Vt State Sales Tax Dept

5/21/17 – Pocket Wizards off Camera Flash

3/5/17 Jeffrey Shaw, Marketing from Photographers Perspective

3/5/17 Brian Drourr, Panoramic and Virtual Reality Photography

3/4/17 Ryan Esbjerg, IGNITE and Find your reason

3/4/17 Jim LaSala,  With the click of the shutter

2/12/17 Wayne Tarr, Under water Photography

2/12/17 Anual Mini Print Competition

1/22/17 LuRey Wedding Photographers, Off Camera Flash Wedding, Reception techniques.


11/12/16 Sandra Pearce, Painting with Light

10/16/16 Ella Carlson, Photoshop basics to Painting

6/12/16 Ken Bovat, Studio High School Senior Portraits

3/13/16 Brian Drourr, Night Sky Photography

3/13/16 Bob Akers, Pin Up, Dynamic Edits

3/12/16 Sandra Pearce, Painting with Photoshop

3/12/16 PPA Judges discussion, Print comp Guidelines to successful submissions

2/7/16 Image Competition Preparation & Annual Business Meeting

1/17/16 Kurt Budliger, Dynamic Landscapes

1/17/16 Tim Barden, Website Design & Management


10/18/15 Ken Sklute, Canon Explorer of Light, Seeing the Unseen

8/23/15  Mark Sweeney & Jon Adams, Lightroom and Photoshop imports/exports & Edits

8/16/15 Ryan Thiebault & Bear Cieri, Mountain Biking Action Demo and Shooting

6/14/15 Lou Freeman, Finding Creative Motivation Plus: Building a concept for Fashion and Glamour Photography

5/22/15 Gabriela Maj, Almond Garden

3/15/15 Suzette Allen, Get Moving with Hybrid

3/14/15 Dave Engledow, World’s Best Father

3/14/15 Trish Logan, How to Pursue your Passion AND PROFIT!

2/22/15 Madonna Lovet Repeta, Color & Line

1/18/15 Scott Erb & Donna Dufault, Photographing Food; The Challenges, The Outcomes, The Culinary Adventure…

1/13/15 Image critique and competition prep


12/14 VPP Holiday Party

10/26 Nylorah Bruleigh, Bellies & Babies

8/10 Damien Strohmeyer, Sports Photography

7/20 VPP Summer BBQ

6/29 John Paul Caponigro, Drawing with Light, Photoshop Color Strategies, Color Theory & Black and White Mastery 

3/24 Khara Plicanic, Simply Great: Applying Simplicity to your Workflow

3/23 Ed Pedi, Sales Made Easy

3/23 Dan Doke, Killer Lighting

2/16 Mark Bryant, The Hyper Reality Portrait (Annual Meeting)

1/26 Thea Dodds, Photographing Same Sex Couples


12/8 VPP Holiday Party

10/20 Drake Busath, Family Portraits

8/18 Carolyn Bates, Architecture Photography & Kelly Schulze, The Psychology of Animal Portraiture

6/25 Jerry Ghionis, Wedding Photography, Road Trip Meeting to PPAM

4/8 Carla Ten Eyck, An Inspiring Day with Carla

4/7 Diane Miller, Sexy Seduction: The Art of Intimate Imaging

4/7 Jeff Dachowski, Commercial Photography for the Portrait Professional

4/7 Lois Greenfield, Airborne

2/17 Don Chick, The Ins and Outs of Print Competition (Annual Meeting)

1/13 Julieanne Kost, Photoshop CS6


12/9 VPP Holiday Party

10/14 Gustav Verderber, The Best of Sojourns In Nature – The Techniques, Stories, and Secrets Behind the Images and Macro Nature Photography

8/26 Matt Payeur, Creative Self Portraits

6/24 Ken Jones, Vermont S&U Tax and John Scheer, Business Accounting & Organization

5/16 Clay Blackmore, How to Photograph Everyone, Road Trip Meeting

3/26 David Hakamaki, Success in Rural and Home Based Photography

3/25 Candace Pratt, Profit is Not a 4 Letter Word: Understanding Your Business

3/25 Hanson Fong, Harmony with the Art of Posing and Lighting

1/22 Ella Carlson, Photoshop Techniques (Annual Meeting)


12/11 VPP Holiday Party

11/20 Crickett Polis, Using Textures in Your Images

10/23 Doug Box, Lighting & Posing in Outdoor Settings

6/5 James Hazelwood, Light & Nimble, Creative Lighting Photography

4/5 Michael Greenberg, 3D Lighting on the Run

4/4 Nancy Green, What to Say and How to Say It

4/4 Joan & Rene Genest, For the Love of Children

4/4 Walter van Dusen & Chris Rioux, Going Beyond the Camera & On-Camera Flash

4/3 Bob Jenks, Fun with Large & Medium Format Film

4/3 Tim John from Fundy Software, Creating Profits Through Album Design

3/5 & 6   Ann Monteith, Marketing, Pricing, and Selling in a Challenging Marketplace (Annual Meeting)

1/30 Chris & Pat Beltrami, Al’Instante-The Decisive Moment

1/9 VPP Holiday Party (rescheduled for weather)


1/24 Tom Martin & Roy Newman, The Successful Senior Portrait Experience

3/21 (Annual Meeting)


12/6 VPP Holiday Party

10/25 Mark Ridout, Dynamic Slideshows

8/23 Don Whipple, Speedlits and TTL…Where the other Guys Left Off

4/21 Jack & Nancy Holoqitz, Turning Ordinary into Extraordinary

4/21 Helen Yancy, The Art of Painter that Sells

4/20 Nancy Green, The Art of Pricing and Selling

4/20 Donna Goodhue, Create Your Buzz

4/20 Ed Pedi, Four Key Elements to a Successful Family Portrait Business

3/22 Will Crockett

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