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Mack Derick Memorial Award

The Mack Derick Memorial Award was established in 1994 to give members a continuing incentive to create and enter images of their own production. The award is in memory of one of the founders of Vermont Professional Photographers and a lifelong craftsman of the photographic arts.

Any member of VPP may enter one print annually in the Mack Derick Memorial competition. Each entry must be wholly of the maker’s own production, (with the exception of color first generation processing) from the negative through the finished, mounted print including all retouching or enhancement. Judging shall be on the same basis as the VPP Annual Image Competition. The prints shall receive 3 points if scored 80 or above, 2 points if above 75, or 1 point if above 73. In order to receive the Mack Derick Print Award, the competitor must enter annually until 9 points have been awarded. If the competitor misses a year, the point total returns to zero and the count starts over.

Past Winners of the Mack Derick Memorial Award

  • 2023 Jonathan Adams
  • 2023 Jamie Proctor-Brassard
  • 2023 Sarah McGarghan
  • 2009 Chris Wideawake
  • 2001 Matthew Payeur
  • 2000 Wayne S. Tarr
  • 1999 Arnold Spahn
  • 1999 Barry Hayes
  • 1998 Robert C. Jenks
  • 1998 Charles A. Parker

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